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Needs to hire 2 Freelancers
We're looking to hire a senior Angular developer/cloud architect to help us choose an appropriate tech-stack and lead the development of our web app.

The app is a simple list (not a marketplace, but a list of links to suppliers on AliExpress) of products/suppliers. Functionality is very simple, nothing out of the ordinary - users can view, save, and add products to collections - attached are a few screenshots of the UI/UX.

We're building a suite of apps, this application is 1/7, so building a scalable component library for cross-project integration is a requirement as most of the UI/UX, as well as functionality, is very similar across the entire suite of apps.

We already have a staged app and all the HTML/CSS has been completed, we initially started with React, but are changing course - however the React was never fully developed or integrated into Firebase, but several Firebase related tasks and cloud functions have already been completed.
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